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C. Terashima

Assistant Professor :
T. Ueno

Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya
464-8603, Japan

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 ISAWST-2 will be held in Nagoya focusing on advanced water science and technologies. Recently, human has encountered serious problems related to water such as water shortage crisis, polluted water contaminated by heavy metal, organic matter, biological material and radiation. On the other hands, the progress in advanced technology related to water is outstanding, e.g., cleaning process for semiconductor, healthcare and medical, the control of water behavior of fuel cell and so on. Thus the field of advanced water science and technology has two aspects for human, i.e., a solution for global crisis and a solution for quality of life. The symposium will have invited talks and contributed oral/poster presentations, and provide an opportunity for scientists and engineers to exchange information and ideas on new scientific understandings, novel technique and new industrial applications of water-related technology.

1. Fundamentals in Water Science
water dynamics, water structure, interfacial and confined water, hydrogen bond network, hydration, spectroscopy, simulation
2. Water Science for the Environment
polluted water, soil, groundwater, water treatment, water storage, water circulation, recycling of water, geothermal water
3. Water Fuctionalities
functional water, supercritical water, ultrapure water, ultrasonic, micro-nanobubble, superoxide ion, hydroxyl radical, biomaterial interface, pharmaceutical activity
4. Water Applications
fuel cell, heat transport system, corrosion proof, food, medical, healthcare, cosmetic, process in aqueous solution (synthesis, cleaning, surface functionalization, finishiing etc.)